Our services for the pulp and paper industry include technology, strategy and optimization from the pulp to the finished paper product.

erma concepts

Concept and engineering
We develop the concept for your new plant or plant modifications and we are the competent engineers for the detail planning. For this, we are not determine to a certain product but engineer paper machines and stock preparations for packaging products, tissue and graphic paper products.

We support you to control and to improve the quality of your product. With our clients we work on tasks like brightness increasing, mechanical strength of paper (tensile strength, z-dimensional strength, pick resistance, bending stiffness, and other) and printability. For all challenges we carry out the most paper tests in our laboratory. You could order a comprehensive testing of your paper samples or request a benchmarking for your product for example.
If required we train you laboratory staff to special topics e.g. sticky testing.

Paper for Recycling and Deinking
We check the quality of your paper for recycling and give excellent support to reduce the entry costs. We are very familiar with the issues of processing paper for recycling and are well equipped for e.g. testing the macro sticky content in the complete stock preparation. In deinking we optimize pulping, flotation and dispersion.

Field tests
We accompany your field tests, define the structure and goals and develop measuring programs. In advance we can make preparative laboratory tests. We make analysis and reports based on our knowledge from former projects which are documented carefully and confidentially.

Refining of pulp has different goals. For new constructions, we advise you for the right choice of refiner type and design your new refiner plant. For existing plants, we optimize the use of energy, the control of refining and the quality of the pulp. It’s our understanding that we work together with your partners and plant engineers.

We optimize the use of process chemicals, for example retention aids at the paper machine. We support you in the useful and reasonable use of product additive for example sizing agents.
We are the competent experts for the application of deinking chemicals.